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Automated Paint Lines

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Powered by Cata-Dyne

The Cata-Dyne emitters are more efficient, produce more radiant infrared power and offer greater energy savings than competing brands adding up to significant savings in running costs and drying time.

Cata-Dyne Graph

Manufactured under license for the US, the Infrared Dryer works by emitting long wavelength infrared energy that is readily absorbed by typical coatings. Infrared energy is the most direct form of energy transfer and is highly efficient for drying most organic materials including waterborne, solvent and powder coatings.

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The MM150 automated self-contained spray finishing system.


Imagine rolling a machine up to your spray booth...finishing several MILES of moulding in just a few hours...and saving 25-30% of your coating costs.

The High Performance coating capability of the MM150?increases production, lowers costs and virtually levels the playing field for small and medium companies.

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Vacuum Coater


Vacuum coating is a simple concept. Coating is loaded into a reservoir, and when Vacuum blowers and coating pump are activated, coating is pumped into the base of the Application Chamber where it is mixed with air and brought in by the Vacuum Producers.

As the substrate moves through the application chamber, it is passed through the air/coating mixture where the coating is applied.


  •    Mounted Inline
  •    Quick Changeover
  •    Change in Minutes
  •    No Stoppage of Production
  •    Minimum Service Time
  •    Easy to Service
  •    Separates Coating from Air
  •    No Containment Discharge
  •    Long Term Reliability

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Paint Lines Movies



Paint Line Movie

Download this movie to disk

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